Windsurf e Sup Center Marsa' a rillah

More than a school, a family

Beginner lessons

We work in small groups of 2 maximum 4 people. 

Fun will start quite immediately: some theoric concepts on the beach, few minutes of simulation and let's go to the water!!!

Our parctical approch wants to maximize your results learning theory as you are already on the board!
Your first lesson is focus  on balance: learning the rotation to change direction, the correct position when you get  on the board. 

The second lesson is about the usage of the sail and stearing skills.

In the third lesson we continue with stearing introducing the tack, in the fourth one we talk about the jibe  and in the last lesson we  will improve all the skills learnt all along the course.

Let's start immediately


As the wind goes down, quit the sail and star paddle on  our clear blue sea!!!

Sailing and Paddling